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Audi a4 b7 2007, dpf cleaning


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Hello, i got problem with dpf filter, carports says, that he is full in 29% and need to cleaning :) (ofcourse my car sayd the same)


I got codding from vcds:



[01 - Engine]

[Coding-II - 11]

Enable Regeneration by Entering 21295.

[Do It!]

[Meas. Blocks - 08]

Select both Groups at once 070 and 075.


MVB 070.1: Regeneration Status (xxxxxxx1 = Normal Regeneration active, xxxxxx1x = Forced Regeneration active)

MVB 070.3: Regeneration Counter/Timer

MVB 075.1: Exhaust Gas Temperature before Turbo Charger

MVB 075.2: Exhaust Gas Temperature before Particle Filter

MVB 075.3: Particle Filter Load

MVB 075.4: Exhaust Gas Temperature after Particle Filter

Now Start the Driving Cycle and keep watching the Measuring Blocks (2nd Person required).

[Done, Go Back]

[Close Controller, Go Back - 06]


When i use it i go to:


01- engine


And than i write: 21295

Than its something like: done!

And nothing hapens.


Someone have done it on this software and can help me??


I dont know what im doing wrong, if someone can help that will be great.


Sorry for my english....


Se yaa:)

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The problem its solved.


If any one have fault p2002 or P242F(Dpf Filter load value 30%) and 30% car power than u need to do :


You will do everything while driving.


-Drive with second person, 10 min on highway with normal speed let the engine to warm up ;]

-In car ports take block 75 to see temperatur on normal drive u will see something like 300C degree

-If ur car its warm, than in carports Codding-II And write: 21295, done! This let you to use 100% power of your car and will increase temperature.

- Now take 4 gear, 120 km/h something like 3500rpm. Temperature 500-800c degree. Drive 10min

-Then i was drive 200km/h with 6 gear, only to cool him a litle bit. 3 min....

-Then i repeat again 4 gear, 120 km/h, 3500rpm


after such surgery should no longer display information about dpf

now u need only to erase faults.


This is just my idea, which work on my car(audi a4 B7 11/2007 2.0tdi 140ps), i was done it today cause that was annoying....and its work for me !!! :D


Maybe i can help someone... cya ;]

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